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This page is on the SAME WordPress installation as our homepage, so you’re not visiting an entirely new website or WordPress installation.

This page was created in the same WordPress Admin interface as the rest of our site, and you can easily do the same thing for your site!

With Domain Mapping System, you can map unlimited domains to your WordPress website.

You might use Domain Mapping System for:

  • Building product Landing Pages
  • Creating pages for different countries in different languages
  • Directly targeting specific markets
  • Enhancing the SEO of a single website
  • Managing content all in one place

The potential use-cases are almost endless!

We’re really excited by the opportunities of this plugin so please add your feature requests or ideas to the Roadmap >

We’re even working on a feature where you can “group” every kind of WordPress “post type” by domain, so you can essentially have multiple domains – and websites – managed in a single WordPress installation.

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